Writer-researcher, in residence

It’s been sometime since I posted anything here. Much has happened since my last post; my return to Malaysia last November, beginning my fieldwork research in Indonesia the following month, attending feminist events in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and establishing links with the region’s feminist activists in the process. Because many important events have happened in a short span of time, on average every other day, it becomes difficult to gain a reasonable perspective on them. More difficult still when I am bereft of a proper workspace, a room of my own, to think and write. Since moving back to Oxford last September, I have been working in various places, positions, and lighting – on the sofa, bed, and now at a desk too low and a chair too hard. I’ve become a Goldilocks of sorts. Being a creature of habit, changeability does not suit me. As a result, writing becomes a painful endeavour. When I write it is because of a flash of inspiration that needed to be documented into words immediately, or because I need a small sum of money to buy new clothes and shoes. Because I have been moving and travelling a lot between now and last year; Twickenham, Warsaw, Oxford, Hong Kong, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Jakarta, and soon, Jogjakarta, there is no place, a home as it were, to return where mind and body slip into a comforting space where the best ideas and articles are put down, where all the books are within reach, the chair and posture just right, the lighting just so. I need a study, however small, to call my own. A desk and doughy chair, and a lamp beaming over my fingers as I type, type, type.