Academic publications


Forthcoming  The Work of Romance: Love in Affective Muslim Publics (with the University of Hawaii Press).

2017     Izharuddin, A. Gender and Islam in Indonesian Cinema. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan.

 Selected refereed journal articles

2021    Izharuddin, A. ‘Counterpublics of care: Making space for mediated intimacy and romantic self-making in Malaysia.’ Gender, Place, and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography.

2021    Izharuddin, A. ‘Reading the digital Muslim romance.’ CyberOrient: Online Journal of the Virtual Middle East and Islamic World. 15 (1), 146-171.

2021    Izharuddin, A. ‘“Redha tu ikhlas”: The social-textual significance of Islamic virtue in Malay forced marriage narratives.’ Religions. 12 (310), 71-82.

2020    Izharuddin A. The laugh of the pontianak: darkness and feminism in Malay folk horror. Feminist Media Studies. 20 (7): 999-1012.

2019 Izharuddin, A. Does sociology need decolonizing? International Sociology. 34 (2), 130-137.

2019    Izharuddin, A. ‘The New Malay Woman’s jiwa as a postcolonial structure of feeling.’ Journal of Intercultural Studies. 40 (4), 491-503.

2018    Izharuddin, A. ‘“Free hair: Narratives of unveiling and the reconstruction of self.’ Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 44 (1): 155-176.

2015    Izharuddin, A. ‘The Muslim woman in Indonesian cinema and the face veil as ‘Other’’ Indonesia and the Malay World. 43 (127), 397-412.

2015    Izharuddin A. Pain and Pleasures of the look: The female gaze in Malaysian horror. Asian Cinema. 26 (2): 135-152.

Selected book chapter(s)

2021    Izharuddin A. ‘After the hijab: Liminal states of post-veiling embodiment.’ In (Re)-Claiming Bodies Through Fashion and Style: Gendered Configurations in Muslim Contexts, edited by Viola Thimm. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 

2021    Izharuddin, A. ‘Cinema of misrecognition: gender, Islam, and the terrorist in Indonesian film.’ Muslims in the Movies: A Global Anthology, edited by Kristian Petersen. Cambridge: Harvard University Press / ILEX Foundation.

2020    Izharuddin A. ‘Sweet surrender: the ethno-religious spaces of Malay romance.’ In Paper & Text: The Trials and Trade of Malaysian Literature, edited by William Tham Wai Liang. Petaling Jaya: Gerakbudaya.

2020    Izharuddin A. ‘Intergenerational archipelagos: trans-Motherhood and transing the Indonesian family in Realita, Cinta, dan Rock n Roll and Lovely Man.’ In Cross Generational Relationships and Cinema, edited by Niall Richardson and Joel Gwynne. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

2018    Izharuddin, A. ‘The New Malay woman: The rise of the modern female subject and transnational encounters in postcolonial Malay literature.’ The Southeast Asian Woman Writes Back: Gender, Identity and Nation in the Literatures of Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, edited by Grace V.S. Chin and Kathrina Mohd Daud. Singapore: Springer. 

Book reviews

2021    Izharuddin, A. Handbook on Gender in Asia. Edited by Sherlina Huang and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. South East Asia Research. 29 (1): 134-136.

2021    Izharuddin, A. Temporary Marriage in Iran: Gender and Body Politics in Modern Iranian Film and Literature by Claudia Yacoobi. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Journal of Religion and Film 25 (1): 1-9

2018    Izharuddin, A. Vamping the Stage: Female Voices of Asian Modernities, Edited by Andrew Weintraub and Bart Barendregt. Bijdragen tot de taal-, land-en volkenkunde/Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia 174 (2-3): 360-362.

2017. Izharuddin, A. Under Bright Lights: Gay Manila and the Global Scene By Bobby Benedicto, There Goes the Gayborhood? By Amin Ghaziani, Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia: Sexual Politics, Health, Diversity, and Representations, Edited by Linda Rae Bennett and Sharyn Graham Davies. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 48 (2): 319-324.

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