Scholarly engagements

Selected invited lectures

2022 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg. ‘Compulsory hijab as gendered state violence in Iran: why the muted global feminist response?’ 19 December 2022 [online]

2022    Leiden University. ‘From the factory floor to the page: space and mobility in Malay print romance.’ 30 March 2022 [online]

2020    National University of Singapore.‘Is forced marriage romantic? Exploring the material and social world of popular Malay romance.’ 4 November 2020 [online].

2020    Brunel University, London.‘Romantic boundaries: Participant-lurking during the pandemic.’ 10 September 2020 [online].

2020    University of Wisconsin, Madison.Friday Forum lecture: ‘Doing and not doing the work of emotion: religion and affect in Malaysia.’ 10 April 2020. [Cancelled]

2019    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.Gatty Lecture: ‘Unmodern intimacies? Affect and emotional selves in Malaysia.’ 5 December 2019, Cornell Southeast Asian Studies Program.

2019    Harvard Divinity School public lecture: ‘Bureaucratic Islam and the romance industry in Southeast Asia’, 24 October 2019.

2019    Harvard Memorial Church. Morning Prayer: ‘Contact Zones.’ 4 October 2019. 

Selected conference and workshop presentations

2023    Convener. Roundtable discussion on the ‘Labour of Piety in Southeast Asia.’ Association of Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference, Boston, 13-16 March 2023.

2022    Discussant. Roundtable discussion on Men and Feminist Research in Southeast Asia. ASEAS(UK) Conference 2022. Online via Zoom, 8-10 September 2022. 

2022    Panel presenter. ‘The ethnic and spatial politics of modern Malay print romance.’ European Association of Southeast Asian Studies (Euroseas 2022), EHESS-Campus Condorcet, Paris-Aubervilliers, France, 28 June-1 July 2022.

2022 Panel presenter: ‘Real folk horror: ghost-hunting with the shaman-filmmakers of East Java.’ Transnational Horror, Folklore, and Cultural Politics Symposium, Nottingham Trent University, UK, 18 May 2022.

2022    Panel presenter: ‘From the factory floor to the page: Space and mobility in modern Muslim print romance.’ Popular Culture Association [Romance], 13-16 April 2022. Online.

2020    Panel convener: ‘Politics of shamelessness: gender, vulgarity and power in Southeast Asia’ Association for Asian Studies conference, Boston, 19-22 March 2020 [Cancelled].

2019    Panel presenter: ‘Hopeless romantics: competing secular and Islamic narratives in the lives of Muslim women fiction readers.’ European Association of Southeast Asian Studies (Euroseas 2019), Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 10-13 September 2019

2019    Panel presenter: ‘Emotional capital and Muslim self-making in the Malaysian romance community.’ International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 11), Leiden University, the Netherlands, 14-19 July 2019.

2018    Panel presenter. ‘Intimacy reconsidered: the romance industry and sexual capital in transition in Malaysia’, Contemporary Media Practices and Religious Encounters workshop. Institute for Social Anthropology, Vienna, Austria. 3-4 May 2018.

2018    Panel presenter: ‘The New Malay woman’s jiwa as a postcolonial structure of feeling.’ Migrating Concepts: Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism and Conviviality across the Asia Pacific conference. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 23-24 February 2018.


Malay Print Romance with Alicia Izharuddin, Leiden University. 30 March 2022.

Gatty Lecture Rewind, Cornell University. 5 December 2019.

Harvard Memorial Church. Morning Prayer: ‘Contact Zones.’ 4 October 2019. 

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