Ramadhan TV: Four wives, one man – a synopsis

Having recently added Women Make Movies on my bookmark list and remembered its last update on Nahid Persson’s documentary, ‘Four wives, one man‘, I was pleasantly surprised to find it on More 4 tonight in its True Stories series; the one that brought ‘Lakes of Fire‘ on British TV. It’s a beautifully shot film about a polygamous marriage living under one roof in rural Iran. The man in the title is Heda, and he had just recently taken Ziba, as his fourth wife and she’s his favourite. The other wives complain while the mother-in-law makes crude comments about her son’s lustful ways:”All my son thinks about is pussy!”.

Heda takes his four wives, Farang, Shahpa, Goli, Ziba, and their 20 kids in a bus for family picnics. Soon he starts building separate family homes for each wife. Fair amount of film time is given to each member of this marriage to voice their thoughts about their circumstances, and each time it’s Heda’s turn, he ends up sounding like a complete ass. Time passes and Ziba yearns for a child. After a failed first marriage to a drug addict, she divorces and finds love in Heda. But soon Heda starts talking about marrying virgins:”They’re the best. They don’t know anything. You tell her it’s day, she’ll say it’s day. You tell her it’s night. she’ll say it’s night.”

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Ramadhan TV: Undercover Mosque

You dont really want to know what hes ranting about.
You don't really want to know what he's ranting about.

Happy Ramadhan, my lovelies. Last night after breaking the fast, I was entertained by Channel 4’s Ramadhan season programme, “Undercover Mosque: The Return“. The title might sound kind of self-explanatory, but allow me to describe this fine specimen anyway: “Undercover Mosque” was an investigation-cum-reality programme some time ago on TV (probably during last year’s Ramadhan) aimed at exposing extremism that was happening right under the noses of the Brits. Last night’s show had an undercover reporter in an abaya poking around the exclusive interiors of the ‘most important mosque in Britain’ – the one that sticks out like a sore thumb by Regent’s Park in London. She had returned after one year on a check-up to see whether the mosque was (still) harbouring extremist cretins. Anyway, what was revealed to Britons watching prime time television last night was scary: the fundamental fanatics are still out there!!!

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