Asian Women Blog Carnival: Call for submissions

Ciderpress is hosting the first ever blog carnival dedicated to our Asian sisters:

This is a call for submissions for the first Asian Women Blog Carnival as well as suggestions for themes and hosts for the future carnivals.

This carnival is intended to focus on Asian women. The definition of Asian, within the scope of this carnival, includes people from East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia, Far East, Middle East, Near East and people of Asian descent living in non-majority Asian countries. The definition of women, within the scope of this carnival, includes transwomen and cisgendered women.

When recommending postings for inclusion in the carnival, please feel free to submit your own posts or suggest good posts or links by someone else. You may submit multiple posts. Submissions from from women and men of colour as well as allies are welcome.

The aim is highlight the diversity of Asian women and explore our identities in Asian majority and Asian minority cultures and share our experiences. Submissions can range from feminism, culture, history, work, beauty, health, sexuality, politics, economics, philosophy, class, education, religion, how we identify and relate to other PoC groups, personal stories etc.

All types of work, such as essays, prose, poems, personal narratives are accepted.

Each host has final, absolute, and arbitrary authority with regard to inclusion, exclusion, scope, scale, format and presentation.

Next Carnival

1st issue hosted by ciderpress, call for submissions: here

Deadline: 3 April 2009

Categorized as Feminism

By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.

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