Race and sexuality in film workshop at Ladyfest Oxford (2009)

Hello all, I’m organising a workshop for Oxford’s Ladyfest where we’ll be discussing race and sexuality in film and media. If you happen to be in the area, please come!

Ever wondered why images of ethnic minority women in film and media are often reduced to stereotypes or simply pushed into the background to the point of invisibility? Find out why by joining a lively discussion on race, sexuality, and representation with feminist cinema enthusiasts and film studies tutors to understand better how racism and marginalisation operate and how they impact women today. Join or visit the Facebook group for information on other Ladyfest events.

Time and date: Tuesday, 19th May 2009, 17:00-19:00

Venue: St. John’s College, University of Oxford

Free refreshments will be provided.

By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.

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