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No amount of sex education is going to help a young person not get pregnant. It just makes them feel even more sexy. [More here]

“Feminist” Fay Weldon and her thoughts on sex education and teenage pregnancy.

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By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.


  1. …. Okay, I fail to see how talking about bodily fluids, the potential for pregnancy and STDs, and the amount of emotional and physical work it takes for sex to be worthwhile is actually going make anybody feel sexy.


  2. Weldon’s comment shows her ignorance about the young people who do not get sex education in school or community projects, and end up finding information on sexual matters through pornography instead. If anything, thinking that sex is about performing like a porn star and getting sploshed in the face is going to get many young people feel they’re pretty sexy.

  3. But that’s not the point of sex education, is it? To avoid getting pregnant?

    The point is to know, or at least know where to go, if you do get pregnant. To know, and know where to go to know, what to do to avoid getting STDs. To know, and to know where to go to know, about the things that will keep you and your unborn child alive.

    I mean that’s the point of education — “We’re not going to stop you, but in case something horrible happens, this is what you can do”.

    It’s like saying that educating people about what to do in an earthquake is supposed to stop earthquakes, or educating people on what to do during a terrorist attack will stop terrorism. No. It may stop panicking and ill-advised actions, and even then that’s not necessarily the case.

    The rest of that comment was, blah de blah de blah. Better the state as the father than no father at all, and the woman abandoned to her own fate. That’s what safety nets are for.

    Why do I feel like I’ve just been trolled?

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