Apologies (again)

The blogosphere awaits for no one. When one blogger drops out, another fills in an already saturated space. While the blogosphere advances ahead each day with enviable speed and continuity, I appear like I’ve been sat on my hands and silent like a grave on various important issues.

I am sorry to readers, and I am sorry to myself for not speaking up on them.

As some of you know, I am currently pursuing an MA in Gender Studies. That means plenty of work and if you’re like me, that means plenty of overtime analytical thinking (and worrying over work). In the last one and a half months, I’ve been sat in front of the computer either working on reaction papers, essays, or reading the latest news that saddens, angers, and only seldomly gladdens me. When the next year arrived, I was excited about new possibilities and challenges, so much so that for the first time I wrote down my resolutions for this year:

  • Dance more
  • If that’s not enough, work out more whenever I can
  • Re-connect with friends
  • Read more fiction
  • Go camping at the right time of the year.

Happy new year, everybody.

By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.


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