How did DGM do last year?

This is somewhat late, but in a mercifully brief moment of vanity, I’d like to post a summary of Dove Grey Matter’s blog health in the past year, based on hits, number of comments, and overall awesomeness. This is what WordPress found out: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads WOW. Yes, that’s a ‘Wow’, and thanks mainly to… Continue reading How did DGM do last year?

Eid Mubarak / Selamat Hari Raya!

September is a difficult month. It’s when my MA overlaps with my PhD, and when I’m finishing my dissertation on “traditional” homosexuality in Indonesian fiction, which is not going as well as I initially intended. DGM still seems half-constructed, like an unfinished new home, and I feel a bit sad about that. BUT, the grand… Continue reading Eid Mubarak / Selamat Hari Raya!

Ramadhan Mubarak!

Yes, I haven’t been very active here of late. But allow me this brief opportunity to wish all Muslims a blessed Ramadhan. And happy wishes to non-Muslims friends and family who must with deal the whining and grumbling bellies of abstaining souls.

Apologies (again)

The blogosphere awaits for no one. When one blogger drops out, another fills in an already saturated space. While the blogosphere advances ahead each day with enviable speed and continuity, I appear like I’ve been sat on my hands and silent like a grave on various important issues. I am sorry to readers, and I… Continue reading Apologies (again)


I’ll be away on a romantic getaway this week, where I might be tucking into my first steak tartare. See you next week!


It’s that time again, dear readers – I’m disappearing yet again! Though I’m far from happy to say that; writing conditions here have not been conducive or ideal. So there have been fewer posts this month and Cycads is starting gather cobwebs. A new, temporary research job at University of Malaya has taken up much… Continue reading Away

It's been quiet here, hasn't it?

Good grief. It’s been pretty quiet here, hasn’t it? My own fault really. It has been a busy week consisting of a friend’s PhD viva picnic party, another friend’s massive choir performance, my college dinner recital, video-editing lessons and late night chocolate chip cookie baking. I should still be in one piece to write something… Continue reading It's been quiet here, hasn't it?

I'm now writing for Muslimah Media Watch

Now that I’ve come back from camping on the Dorset coast and tucking into obscene amounts of giant oysters and crab, allow me to proudly announce that you’re now looking at the latest contributor of Muslimah Media Watch! Trumpets, please. You will find more MMW-Cycads cross-postings beginning this week, so watch this space.