Today my flag is an amulet

via Al-Jazeera

Today my flag is an amulet
that wards off the oppression
and unrelenting rivulets
of toxic paranoia:
a fear of organised protest called
being fair and free Malaysian.

My flag is an amulet
like the crucifix that repels evil
like the strands of garlic
that crushes the vampiric
government that lives off
our blood and deadens our eyes.

My amulet is a sacred symbol
of what makes me Malaysian
While water cannons blast
their furious rhetoric my amulet,
my flag will keep me steadfast,
safe, reassured, and Malaysian.

You hide your fears and insecurity
behind your noxious gases.
But with this amulet this identity
will not be defined by you
or your cant and impunity.

By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.

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