This is an opportunity for you to delurk and say hello

Most times when I write I have an imaginary audience in mind, an audience whose intelligence I would hate to insult. But if I want to be really honest, I would say that blogging is actually one big lonely exercise of making oneself feel rather important and soliloquies  – a kind of shrine to oneself – which is why I want you, Dear Reader out there, to delurk. Take a moment from lurking and reveal yourself, wave, say hello, share a bit about yourself, share what it is that brings you to this blog and what keeps you coming back. In return, you can ask me questions about anything.

Really, anything.

By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.


  1. Hi Alicia. This is Zuhura from Diary of a muslim feminist. I’m an academic, mom, feminist, UU, Muslim, and an insatiable reader. I read your blog because of my interest in feminism and Islam.

      1. I work on language, power, and identity, mostly in Africa. My current work is on the construction of Islamic gender norms in Tanzania.

  2. Hi Angry Malay Woman
    I’m Ananda, I live in Western Australia and I like your blog because it shows another side of Islam.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Ananda, yes one of the aims of this blog is exploring the places where pop culture, feminism, consumerism and Islam meet. Though I look at a tiny tiny facet of these meeting points – there’s still so much out there no one is blogging about. Thanks for visiting!! 😀

  3. Hi there! I’m Nadiah from Singapore. I’m a honors year undergraduate reading Sociology in NUS. I came across your blog while researching for articles on Islamic-themed films in Indonesia. I think this blog is really informative and fun. Keep writing, ya! 🙂

    1. Hi Nadiah! It’s pretty obvious by now that Islamic-themed films is one of main my research interests. Hope your research was fruitful.

      Thanks for thinking this blog (and my writing) is fun – it’s a rare but really wonderful comment!

  4. Hello! 🙂 My name is Ikhlas from Malaysia. I found your blog while I was looking for feminist readings on Malay folktales and fairy tales – Google directed me to your article on Malaysian horror cinema. 🙂 I’m currently trying to put together a proposal so that I can go and do a PhD. Do you know of any Malay folktale/fairy tale where the female protagonist’s ending isn’t about marriage? Your blog really keeps my brain from turning to mush. Hope you’re well!

    1. Hi Ikhlas! I should know more about Malay folktales, but I don’t really. Especially those that don’t end in marriage. Erm, bawang merah bawang putih? You see, my parents and grandparents kept buying me ‘western’ fairy tales for every birthday until I was (thankfully) 12. Even then, they were not exactly ‘western’ fairy tales either. One was a Malaysian publication about Snow White but it was made with a local flavour as it were. Rather than receiving an unsolicited kiss by her “prince charming”, she was fed medicine. Probably caffeinated. Sorry, I’m just going off on a tangent here.

      Ah, research proposals…. *misty eyed* / nostalgia. Hope that has / is going down well. I’m happy to hear more about your research, especially when you’re interested in using feminist methodologies.

      And yes, I’m doing pretty well right now thanks!

  5. Hi Alicia, I think you know that I read your blog regularly 🙂 I’m studying for a postgraduate degree in Theology with a focus on Islamic Feminism in the Blogosphere. I created my blog and read feminist blogs by Muslims for my research 🙂

  6. Hello hello, my name is Sarah and I am a Masters level social work student in the states (I also follow you on Twitter). I’m researching trauma and working in the field of sexual assault/abuse/trafficking of women. I have been to Malaysia twice now and am interested in feminist movements in Malaysia. I met with a friend in Bangsar while there and heard much about SIS and what Muslim feminists in Malaysia are fighting for. I love your blog and am happy to have stumbled into it. 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for continuing to visit my blog. Just so you know, I have been lurking on your blog for a few months now. And just out of interest: did you make any interesting discoveries about Malaysian feminist movements while you were there?

  7. Salam Alicia. Saya ada banyak terjumpa dan membaca (sekadar yang saya faham) artikel-artikel saudari di internet. Dalam banyak hal saya rasa kupasan saudari tentang pelbagai isu penting, setidak-tidaknya untuk beri sudut pandang wanita yang saya tak cukup dalam perbincangan isu tempatan. Sebenarnya, bukan sahaja pandangan wanita, tapi apa-apa pandangan yang intelek yang perlu pembaca menghadamnya.

    Dari segi itu, kalau boleh saya nak minta pengolahannya dipermudahkan sedikit kerana, dan ini mungkin hanya pandangan saya sendiri, teks saudari agak sukar di baca, mungkin kerana penggunaan laras akademik yang tinggi. Sekali lagi, mungkin ini silap saya sendiri sebab anggap tulisan-tulisan saudara ini sebagai bacaan santai sedangkan ia perlukan renungan dan menungan yang dalam untuk memahamnya.

    Itu sahajalah sikit sebanyak feedback yang saya nak berikan. Teruskan menulis!

    1. Terima kasih Limau Daun Merah atas feedback saudari/a. Namun, saya minta maaf jika gaya penulisan saya dan pengolohannya agak sukar dicerna. Gaya penulisan saya banyak mendapat ilham daripada artikel2 oleh penulis jurnalis dan akademik dalam bahasa Inggeris. Mungkin pengolahan artikel a la British belum ‘ngam’ atau kena lagi dengan pembaca bahasa Malaysia.

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