Dormitory lovers: a very short story

Mel has never seen herself like this before; her hair carefully, no, chastely, tucked away underneath her tudung from the ever-intrusive eyes of those considered non-mahram, revealing only her heart-shaped face and that twinkle in her eye that Amir loves so much.

“How do I look, Mir?”
“Delicious. Good enough to eat.”
“You do realise I’m naked, don’t you? It’s a bit wrong!” That twinkle flashing brighter than any distant star.
“Not really. You’re wearing the tudung. That makes everything okay.”

There was something about Amir that always turned Mel on. Alone with her, he had a kind of shyness punctuated with a self-conscious flirtatiousness that jarred with years of his maahad schooling in Muar. Maybe he learned to talk with girls like that from the Jackie Collins novels that belonged to his English teacher mother. Regardless, she hopes she’s the only one he’s ever found tasty enough to eat even when she knows there will be others who will stir a similar appetite.

She hopes that she stands out as special out of all the girls he had fallen for before. She hopes she is his first. The first to ever pounce on him, like a cat and her new-found plaything, with her dilated Nescafe ice-coloured nipples thrust in his face, while his warm and hard penis crashed against her perineum.


The sound of a young woman holding back her giggles seguing into breathy moans as she leaps on her equally naked lover, is barely audible from the dorm room next door. Miraculously the thin and worn mattress on the hostel bed smothers the creaks and knocks of an under-skilled amorous couple, itself a witness to and punctured by the solitary sexual release of boys from generations past.

Tonight Amir is a receptacle to the corporeal manifestations of her yearning. His body, an ever-crimson stamen of a fragile blossom, a saucy metaphor she learned from reading Mills and Boon as a twelve year old. Tonight was indeed special.

It was almost like the recurring trope in American teen movies; everyone loses their virginity on prom night. But for Mel and Mir, it was the final semester of their final undergraduate year together and Mel hasn’t thought very much about what her and Amir’s future hold. But mutual friends have expressed some grown-up ideas about their next plan of action: open a photo-processing shop, get married, do a Masters degree.

But tonight, before forever, they are together. They held each other close like they did for the first time, in fact with a member of the opposite sex for the first time. But together, perhaps, for the last time.


By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.

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