Would Ramadhan ruin the pleasures of a stiff drink?

Or rather, would a good stiff drink ruin your Ramadhan? Khaled Diab writes eloquently (as always) about mixing fasting with alcohol during the holy month of Ramadhan at The Guardian. Here’s a teaser: In Europe, Ramadan creeps up on you with none of the fanfare associated with the fasting season in the Muslim world, where… Continue reading Would Ramadhan ruin the pleasures of a stiff drink?

Egypt tackles sexual harassment

Sexual harassment, particularly on the streets, is a deeply rooted problem when there are economic, social, and even religious disparities between the sexes. This creates a culture of machismo and disrespect for women, and sexual harassment is a by-product of this culture. Egypt has reported an alarmingly high number of such incidences committed on women,… Continue reading Egypt tackles sexual harassment