#MeToo and the deafening Malaysian silence

I’ve talked about sexual harassment quite a bit. In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the global domino effect it had across other industries and institutions within and outside the US, it seemed inevitable that Malaysian liberal circles felt compelled to join in the conversation, albeit in small-scale curated debates and scattered hashtag activism… Continue reading #MeToo and the deafening Malaysian silence

The emotional labour of dealing with sexual harassment

Since 1st June, I had been implicated as a complainant in a sexual harassment allegation in the local progressive activist scene, details of which I will provide soon here. But in the subsequent days after making allegations on social media about a serial harasser of women, my corroborator of the allegations who had gone semi-public… Continue reading The emotional labour of dealing with sexual harassment

Rethinking the discourse of sexual harassment

Published on The F-Word UK blog on 14th August 2013   After following Everyday Sexism on Twitter and reading its website for nearly a year, there are times when reading their continuous flow of sexual harassment stories becomes too painful an experience. I have contemplated unfollowing Everyday Sexism’s Twitter account because there are entries that… Continue reading Rethinking the discourse of sexual harassment

Ironi adalah …

Beberapa bulan yang lepas saya terserempak dengan sebuah kumpulan di laman Facebook yang bernama “Hentikan ganggguan seksual terhadap lelaki”. Kerana saya mengambil pendirian tegas tentang gangguan seksual terhadap sesiapa pun saya klik untuk maklumat lanjut. Saya kaget, terkejut besar, dengan apa yang saya lihat; pakaian Muslimah yang cukup menutup aurat selama ini mengganggu kaum lelaki… Continue reading Ironi adalah …

Egypt tackles sexual harassment

Sexual harassment, particularly on the streets, is a deeply rooted problem when there are economic, social, and even religious disparities between the sexes. This creates a culture of machismo and disrespect for women, and sexual harassment is a by-product of this culture. Egypt has reported an alarmingly high number of such incidences committed on women,… Continue reading Egypt tackles sexual harassment