Voiceover exercise for Doing Women’s Global Horror Film History

For the second exercise of the AHRC-funded project, I have created an experimental voiceover video that combines an unrelated audio recording with scenes from a horror film, in this case Amanda Nell Eu’s It’s Easier to Raise Cattle (Lagi Senang Jaga Sekandang Lembu, 2017).

Can’t Eat (2022, Alicia Izharuddin)

Amanda’s film is excellent for this exercise; it’s largely devoid of dialogue, and much of the diegetic sound is derived from the non-human environment. It’s an unusually quiet film about a pontianak, a supernatural figure in the Malay-speaking world known for her shrieking laughter.

The soundtrack is the inner monologue of a distracted spectator that fills the relatively ’empty’ audiosphere of the film. What does it mean to watch a film about a self-assured young pontianak from a place of self-loathing and doubt?

By Angry Malay Woman

I like plants.

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